Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why You Should Advertise With Promotional Products and Promotional Pens

There is nothing like promotional products when it comes to marketing and growing your company. They draw attention from new clients, increase brand awareness, and retain old clients, like no other form of marketing out there.

Everyone knows that running a business is not cheap. We also know that you have to spend money to make money. The question everyone doesn't know the answer to, is what should be spending our money on? What are the things I can do, that will make me more money? This can get overwhelming. The answer is really quite simple, use promotional products. Promotional pens are the number one promotional item.

Time and time again, the research has shown that they are effective. They will make you money, they will reach a huge audience and they take very little work on your behalf. They are truly a one stop shop for your advertising campaign. This means, you've got more time for other important things!

If you still aren't sure how they work or why, I have a few things listed, that promotional products do for your company. Please check them out!

1.) Starting the conversation/relationship
This one is really simple. Give and you shall receive. Typically when someone receives a gift from you, they feel thankful. They feel special and they know you want to communicate with them. They know you are taking time to recognize them. Receiving a promotional product is very likely to induce a feeling of them wanting to return the favor and do business with you.
One study found that 52% of people, who receive a promotional product, result in doing business with that company. The remaining 48% said that would be more likely to choose that company for their future business. This is all because of a kind gift!
If you are giving these out in person, it is a great way to have something to talk about with them.

2.) They get you noticed
Promotional products will grab anyone's attention, no matter where they are at. A great place is a trade show. It can be hard to be the most popular booth. Giving things away for FREE is very powerful. People will come running. When they see people with your hats on, they are going to come from across the conventions center, just to get one. You know they will lose a pen, when they see the promotional pens your both is giving away, they are sure to pay you a visit.
One study found that trade-show booths saw a 176% traffic increase, when they used promotional products.That is huge!

3.) You keep getting your monies worth, again and again
Let's say you run a commercial or ad in the newspaper. How long do those last? Even billboards are costly to run for months on end. When you give out promotional products, they literally seem to last forever. This one is easy to prove, open up your center console, your desk drawer or look in your purse. I bet you are loaded down with items you have had for years. These people paid one time and their message is still reaching consumers. Not to mention, when they get passed from person to person, they reach lots of different people. That is pretty amazing.

Random business travelers were interviewed at a variety of airports across the country. In this study, 71% of the participants said they had received a promotional product sometime in the last 12 months. 33% of those same participants had that product with them.
These items stick around and keep doing their job, for years to come.

4.) Branding
Branding your company takes exposure to the brand name, slogan and logo over and over again. Think of the companies you remember and how many times you see their name thrown out there. Advertising over and over is the main way people will remember you.
I found another study that said 39% of all people who have received a promotional product in the last 6 months can remember the name of the company on that product. That is pretty remarkable.

5.) Reaching a larger audience
Promotional products, easily reach a much larger audience than other methods of advertising. They can be seen by so many people day in and day out. You aren't just reaching one group of people. For example, promotional pens are always traveling from person to person. They are passed around at restaurants, grocery stores, offices, churches and much more. This means your message is reaching a huge number of people, for years and years.

6.) Creating a positive image
It's been said that 70% of people who received promotional products, actually remember the message. Odds are they have a positive image of you, if nothing else, simply because of your kind gift.
7.) People will give away, YOUR give away gifts!

In most cases, giving someone a gift you received is considered rude. In the case of promotional products, it is greatly appreciated! You can be people will loan someone your promotional pens and say "oh you can just keep it". This is what makes these items have amazing results! The more people your products reach, the more it drives your cost per impression down... which is exactly what you want!
Here's another tad bit of info; 62% of people who have a promotional item will pass it on to someone else, rather than toss it in the trash! Thank you for helping!

9.) Making money
Isn't it simple? One pen can bring you your largest customer! It has happened time and again. This means, you make money!

Hopefully this is enough to answer some of your questions, about advertising with promotional products. What are you waiting for? Time to get yours out there and start seeing the largest ROI you have seen yet!