Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is a PMS Match?

We have had many customers want to know what a PMS match is, so I thought we'd take the time to explain:

PMS is an acronym for Pantone Matching System. It is a system that gives a unique color code ID for every color under and over the rainbow. Usually a 3-4 digit number make up a PMS color code. Some have names, such as “Process Blue”. All of the colors are found on a full PMS color chart.

Some organizations brand has a specific PMS color they use. Whenever marketing or promotional material is printed, such as promotional pens, they will require the printer to use their PMS color(s). For instance, Microsoft’s blue is PMS (279). In order to keep the integrity of their logo, they require the use of this exact PMS for all printed material.

When ordering promotional pens and you want the pens to match your logo exactly, you’ll need to know the PMS color. You’ll especially want to use the same color if you are buying multiple promotional products and you want the print color to match.

If you have chosen “PMS Match” as your imprint color, please tell us the PMS color in the comments. If you do not know the color, please send us your logo and we’ll do the matching for you. Charges may apply to your promotional pens order if we do not have your specific PMS color already mixed and in stock.