Friday, August 27, 2010

Pencil Machines

We have school pencil machines that no other company can match the price on. Not only that, is we carry the only "see through" pencil vending machines on the market. This machine will increase your sales by 15% to 25% over our standard “non view” machine… All of our machines are guaranteed 100% reliable pencil dispensers. They are all built to withstand heavy use. They have no electrical parts. They can attach to a school desk with our heavy duty 2 sided tape and are sure not to come off. This way you can test different areas of the school until you find the highest traffic area. It may be near the library, the best load and unload, the cafeteria, the main office or another spot. Whatever the case may be, the pencil machines will make your school money and treat the kids at the same time. We all know how elementary school kids like to spend money and especially if they can put it in a vending machine. It's much more fun than the school store! Not only that is we have put together the absolute tried and tested mix of pencils on the market today for you!

Ask how to get a pencil machine free of charge! We will split the profit of the pencils with you and supply the machine for free. Or, keep all the profits with a one time purchase. You make the call. It's a win - win situation for everyone!

Get your HOT MIX pencil set to go with your pencil machine! Tried and tested until we got the perfect mix that will surely make your pencils sell!