Thursday, August 26, 2010

925 Sterling Silver Custom Pens

925 Sterling Silver Custom Pens

My Promotional Pens has picked up the brand new 925 Sterling Silver line of high end custom pens made by Empire Pens USA. You absolutely cannot top the quality and class of these pens. If you are using custom pens as a way to show employee appreciation, teacher appreciation, as a wedding favor, or any other event the 925 Sterling Silver line of custom pens is the custom pen of choice without a doubt, hands down and all of those other definitive phrases you can think of.

All the 925 Sterling Silver pens come with a “Class A” gift box for maximum presentation shock and aw. The 925’s come in your choice of flat tops, dome tops, clips, square design, textured surface, designed surface, smooth surface, and your choice of either custom engraving or custom printing.

All of the 925 series pens are fine ball point pens that write as nice as they look. The 925 Sterling Silver series of pens top the cake with the finest pen of the series, the Diamond Custom Pen. It’s the Mac Daddy, finest of finest pens and no other is like it. It comes with a Diamond Studded Clip! You can take this pen to the bank, literally. Since the pen has fine diamonds in it and prices tend to fluctuate, you have to call for pricing.

Enjoy class with the 925 Sterling Silver custom pens.