Friday, July 23, 2010

Tips For Choosing Your Promotional Pens

Looking for a guide to buying imprinted pens? This can help you decide where to buy from and what kind of imprinted pen to buy. Imprinted pens can be used for many different things. They range from a low cost advertising method, to give away to many people or high cost, personalized gift for special clients or employees.

There is a huge variety of promotional items out there. Almost too many to chose from. Promotional pens are always a good option, since they can be purchased at such a low cost. For as little.10 a pen you can get out your company name, contact info and much for printed on a pen and given out than.5 thousands of customers. As wonderful as this option is, be weary of spending too little on your pen. You may want to spend a few cents more to have a better lasting pen. Sometimes the cheap, stick pens leak, don't write well and overall just end up in the garbage. You want to think of the pens you use everyday. What pens do you have in your desk drawer or in your purse? You try to hang to the comfortable ones and the ones that right good! So remember that when choosing your pen. The better the pen, the longer someone will keep it and therefore always have your company info right at hand!
Another thing to remember is the size of the pen. Who will be using the pen? Kids, women, men? Look at the largest majority of people that will pick up the pen and aim for their comfort. The larger pens will be more comfortable for men and even women over children. If you are handing out pens at your nail salon, you don't need a huge pen. If the pens are for your lumber store, may want to consider a larger pen. However, don't go too one sided.

Larger pens can hold more info and a larger logo. So remember that when looking at pens, be sure to talk to the artist and explain how much detail you expect and how clear the image should be, they will be able to help you find what you're looking for.

Here are some very basic categories to start looking at for imprinted pens. You can start here and begin to narrow them down.

Ballpoint - come in stick, click and twist form, usually the cheapest large variety of colors. refills last a long time.
Rollerballs - Cap form. Better, More expensive, but something people will "prefer" to write with since they are smoother writing and better quality
Gel pens - Cap Form. Excellent writing quality, do not last very long. But people will like them while they do and the impression will last longer
Fine liners and fibretips - Expensive to print on b/c of metal outside.
Fountain pen - Most expensive, but a good pen to give as executive corporate gifts.

We hope this article helped your decision. You can visit and email or call us and a rep will be glad to help you decide.